Anonymous giggled: what do you think it would be like living with 5sos?


it’d be fun at first, i bet, but it probs be frustrating as fuck later on dude they’re such dorks i love them but think you’d have to yell at them a lot idk man something like:

  • "guys have u seen my bra?"
  • "oh for fucks sake luke get my bra off your head"
  • "michael stop hitting luke"
  • "luke stop letting michael hit you"
  • "ashton we had broccoli for dinner last night you need to stop"
  • "no i dont want any pineapple" 
  • "no no no not my pants jesus christ” 
  • "calum i swear to god if i see your bare ass again" 
  • "michael stop singing frozen its doing my head in" 
  • "did you just hump my arm" 
  • "i dont wanna build a snowman michael its 4am go to sLEEP"
  • "ashton stop trying to take selfies with me im not up for it"
  • "no i dont want to fucking cuddle" 
  • "luke are you seriously wearing my bra again"
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shorsross giggled: i wouldn't hold my breath for that tbh. they seem like very private people so i don't see them ever being honest about their dating status.

I definitely agree that they can be very private when it comes to relationships and stuff but that’s the thing that makes me suspicious of how true this whole rydellington thing is.  the picture of them holding hands, I mean that’s bound to happen, they can’t hide it forever but I feel like they’re not trying all that hard to hide it at all, you know what I mean?  in interviews, Rocky does nothing but hint at it whenever it comes up and I make jokes about how he “captains the ship” but I just think that if they really did have the intention of hiding the relationship, Rocky wouldn’t have suggested it as much as he has which makes me think that this might just be a publicity thing.  and it’s not just him, in interviews, the way rydel and ellington answer some questions insinuates that there’s something going on between them, adding to my “they’re not trying that hard to hide it, they’re even hinting at it” thought.  I don’t really believe that there’s something going on to be honest which is why I want to hear a sure answer from them but like you said, they’re private people, so we’re probably not gonna get one any time soon :/

my final thought: if rydel and ellington are really dating and they want to keep it a secret, they haven’t been doing a really good job

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It’s official and that’s it.

I just learned that a few weeks ago

I learned it maybe 2 weeks ago but having not done anything school related for the entire break, I don’t remember anything and I didn’t know much to begin with :(  


but why do I need to know how to find the area between two curves?  what purpose does that serve me in life?

update: I do not know how to find the area between two curves…

does anyone out there know how to?  does anyone want to help me out and tutor me?

but why do I need to know how to find the area between two curves?  what purpose does that serve me in life?


Sometimes you just feel blah. 

But just look at him:

And how excited he gets:

And his hips:

But then he’s adorable:

Still feel blah?

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