We’re just, like, four tall dorks. (insp)

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Sleepy Calum at the JFK airport +


Heart Made Up On You EP

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Ashton:And I’m sure you’ve heard it all before But you never really had a doubt And I don’t believe, it doesn’t hurt anybody Something feels the way I do Without you now

Luke:Uh uh uh, Aussie rap will never die Aussie rap yeah

Ashton:Uh uh uh [grips balls]

Luke:Cause I’ll be up in the west of Sydney, you know I do it hard You know I do it hard, in the butt yeah, with the card You know I’m doing everything from the street You know nothing to beat my beat to beat uh

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I received an extra copy of the Don’t Stop EP and instead of keeping it I thought i should give it away to someone who either couldn’t afford it or it wasn’t available in their country! You’ll receive the EP plus the stickers (you’ll thank me they’re pretty cool).

The EP has the following tracks: 

  • Don’t Stop
  • Rejects
  • Try Hard
  • If You Don’t Know

Unfortunately it doesn’t have wrapped around your finger or the Demo’s as that is on the other disc which I only have one of (I couldn’t buy it in aus)

If you want the chance to win the EP/stickers all you have to do is:

  • Follow me fknmichael (i will be checking)
  • Reblog
  • Likes will not count but you can use it as a bookmark.

I’ll be using a random generator to choose so the more you reblog the more chance you’ll have! I will be choosing once i’m happy with the notes but it will be sometime in August. If you have been chosen you’ll have 24 hours to respond to my message and if you don’t i’ll choose someone else (sorry). You’ll have to be comfortable sending me your address and i’ll pay for shipping and all that jazz. This giveaway is worldwide. Good Luck :)

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Michael + dancing

cake + try hard

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he looks so proud of it omfg

this gets an 11 on my sass-o-meter

this is one of my favourite gifs of him

ross + keek videos

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r5   the mr. bean one was the best